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EQS TodayIR | Last Updated: 13 Jun, 2024 11:57 am
SEHK: 0863
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Hong Kong’s Resurgence Event Brings Together Financial Leaders and Decision-Makers to Drive Growth in Fintech and Virtual Asset Industries

(Hong Kong – April 3, 2023) Hong Kong’s financial industry is poised for growth, and the Resurgence event on March 30th brought together leading firms and executives from across the sector. Co-hosted by AIMAFireblocksFTAHKHKSI InstituteInvestHKKaikoL&Y Law OfficeMastercardOSLQReg AdvisoryTalos TradingVolmart, and VSFG, the premier networking event discussed the future of finance in the region and promoted Hong Kong as the fintech and digital asset hub of Asia.

The Resurgence event was designed to foster collaboration and promote Hong Kong’s position as a global leader in fintech and virtual assets. Attendees had the opportunity to share insights and explore innovative solutions for the industry’s future.

According to Dave Chapman, co-founder of OSL, “Hong Kong is a financial hub with a long and storied history. But today’s industry is different from the one that brought Hong Kong success in the past. We need to embrace new technologies and new ideas to stay competitive. The Resurgence event brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities we face.”

Jame DiBiasio, Founder & Editor of DigFin, gave a speech at the event addressing the impact of the recent SFC consultation paper on the industry

“Kaiko believes that the proposed changes to the regulatory framework in Hong Kong provide a consumer-protected, sustainable growth-oriented ecosystem for the responsible development of a virtual assets financial services industry.  Kaiko is happy to have joined the partners of the Resurgence event in welcoming industry leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead,” said Sean Lawrence, Head of APAC of Kaiko.

“Talos is proud to co-host Resurgence with OSL and our other alliance partners. We believe that Hong Kong’s burgeoning digital assets sector is poised for explosive growth, thanks to forward-thinking regulators and the positive collaboration between private industry and government. As the leading firms in fintech and digital assets gather together to service and empower this sector, we’re excited to support an event that fuels innovation in Hong Kong. As always, Talos will be there to connect institutions to the digital asset ecosystem and professionalize trading activities” said Samar Sen, Head of APAC of Talos.

Lawrence Chu, Chairman of VSFG, “We were thrilled to connect with exceptional industry leaders at the Resurgence event, where we shared our visions and ideas on how to accelerate the development of virtual asset ecosystem. Together, we work towards supporting Hong Kong as a global virtual asset hub.”

Other partners expressed similar enthusiasm for the Resurgence event and its potential to drive growth and innovation in Hong Kong’s financial sector.

Amy Zhang, VP of Sales for Asia-Pacific at Fireblocks, said, “Hong Kong’s move to reassert its position as a leading international financial hub, not just from a traditional finance standpoint but by promoting the growth of the digital assets industry, will be the spark that lights the fire in digital asset innovation. Last week’s event is proof that Hong Kong is not only back in business, but it is here to help digital asset businesses thrive.”

“As we continue to innovate and develop the exciting Fintech and virtual asset space, it is crucial that we foster a responsible digital finance landscape and continue to promote digital finance literacy,” said Ruth Kung, Chief Executive of HKSI Institute.

Henry Yu, Principal Partner at L&Y Law Office in association with Henry Yu & Associates expressed“Featuring the recent ‘Hello Hong Kong’ motto, the Resurgence event is definitely an occasion characterizing our financial center. With Hong Kong being positioned as a virtual asset hub, more traditional market participants are moving towards the Fintech arena. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements shall be one of the keys to success in virtual asset business.”

Clara Chiu, CEO of QReg Advisory and Former Head of Fintech and Licensing Director of the SFC said,  “The current environment in Hong Kong presents a unique opportunity for business in the virtual asset industry to thrive. With supportive government policies and officials, highly skilled market participants, and the right events bringing together key stakeholders, we believe we could successfully develop HK as an international virtual assets hub with impeccable reputation and infrastructure.”

The Resurgence event comes at a time of renewed optimism for the financial industry in Hong Kong. With support from the government and regulatory updates from the SFC, the city is positioning itself as a hub for fintech and digital assets in Asia. As the industry continues to evolve, events like Resurgence will play a critical role in shaping its future. To express the willingness to collaborate on future events, interested parties can reach out to [email protected] for coordination.

Event photos

OSL co-founder Dave Chapman addresses the crowd during the opening remarks, setting the tone for a dynamic and productive day of networking and collaboration.
Attendees listen intently as OSL explains how their SaaS platform enables digital asset infrastructure in a regulated environment, ensuring security and compliance.
Talos leads a roundtable discussion on how buy-side and sell-side institutions connect to and trade digital assets using familiar institutional tools inspired by trad-fi but leveraging the power of blockchain technology.
The Volmart team showcases their cutting-edge solutions for DeFi, tokenization, and NFTs, including DeOrderBook, ABT, and Materia, sparking lively conversations among attendees.
Participants enjoy delicious catering provided at the Resurgence event, fueling up for a productive evening of networking and breakout sessions.

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About the event alliance partners

AIMA Providing advocacy, education, networking, development, and growth of the alternative investment industry
Fireblocks Secure digital asset storage and transfer solutions for financial institutions
FTAHK Promoting innovation, collaboration, and advocacy in the development of fintech
HKSI Institute Professional membership organization offering high-quality professional training, events, and internationally recognized examinations
InvestHK The government department responsible for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment into Hong Kong
Kaiko Digital assets market data scaled for institutions
L&Y Law Office Full-service law office with a focus on virtual assets and Fintech
Mastercard A global technology company in the payments industry
OSL Licensed digital asset brokerage, exchange, custody services, and SaaS solutions
QReg Advisory Strategic advisory services and bespoke business, licensing, and compliance consulting to TradFi, Fintech and Crypto sectors
Talos Powers digital asset trading strategies globally with its institutional-grade technology
Volmart Leverages blockchain and AI technologies to offer tailored risk management and digital asset solutions
VSFG Licensed virtual asset manager, digital wealth management, and tokenization

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